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Appletree Healing Arts

for Your Heart and Soul

    About Sharon Appelbaum    

Sharon guides and counsels people to love, accept and understand themselves more.

Sharon is a Life Coach, Guided Visions facilitator, Energy Consultant, Spiritual Intuitive and a Medium.  She is also a Professional Palm Reader and can educate you about your life.  Health issues can often be seen in the dominant hand before they may manifest in your life.

For several decades she has been releasing pain, freeing circulation, and working with other health issues, including the patterns, blockages, and issues such as insomnia, that interfere with health, wellness and happiness. 


She has extensive training in a large variety of advanced healing.  Sharon studied Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Art of Happiness, Body Rejuvenation and Circulation Reawakening with Mary Iino Burmeister.  She also studied Spiritual Healing with Rev. Joseph Martinez, Therapeutic Touch training with Dr. Krieger, and she is Certified in Guided Visioning.


She loves the results that people receive.   Sharon offers training for individuals interested in

deep relaxation, more energy, strengthening their immune system and  improving the quality of their life. 


Have more joy and happiness as you relax and release tension.  Increase the quality of your life.


Palm Reading


The lines in your hand

are a road map to your life  

Sharon will read them and give you a greater understanding of yourself.

 Develop your Intuition


Heightened awareness about yourself and surroundings is highly beneficial,

as well as this training provides

deep relaxation.

Guided Visions



Energy Rejuvenation releases the blockages that are preventing

your joy and happiness.

 For health, weight loss,

feeling younger, and more.


Inner Child Healing

 Your inner child actually runs your life.  Learn to work with him/her to be friends and avoid being sabotaged.
Learn to love, learn, accept and nurture

   yourself as you make great friends 

with your inner child.

Past Life Readings


They are fun, informative and often provide meaningful insights that may be influencing your current life and/or relationships

What you learn may surprise and benefit you

Shamanic Healing


Soul Retrieval.

A deep release process to clear ancient and present interfering memories from your soul.

Gain clarity and receive a lighter and clearer outlook by releasing negativity in your life.

Each session brings you closer to true self.


Guided Visions CDs


Inner Journeys for Deep Relaxation & Healing

Deep Relaxation   Rainbow Meditation

Respiratory Healing

Healthy Body Imagery

Building Strong Bones


To find out more or to schedule

a phone reading,

appointment or training.

     Please send a text with your

        contact information to:     

  541 510-8442

  Thank you!

Contact Us for an appt.
or free 10 minute consultation

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Client Reviews


"Sharon immediately connected to my Guidance. Sharon’s intuitive sense is strong and pure, without ego. She is a delight to be with. I would recommend her to anyone."


“My family has noticed that I don’t yell as much. This is major.”

Mary M.

“Sharon really helped my stress headaches. Her work is very

effective physically as well as emotionally.” Judy T.

“I have received more results in several sessions with Sharon

than I have in years of other therapies.” Sue B.

“I can’t remember when I felt this relaxed before. Your work is

marvelous. You can do this to me all day.” Jim S.

“My doctor said he could not help me anymore with my arthritis.

After my first session my ankle went down 1 ½ inches.” Joan R.

“Sharon has a unique ability and talent. I had some deep concerns

and with her guidance she was able to help me with them quickly.”

Robert W.

“I forgot what deep relaxation felt like. I will definitely do more

sessions with you. Thank you so much.” Linda O.

“Your therapy is exceptional and so are you.” Anne G.

“Great for my blood pressure and it has positive side-effects.”

George T.

“This is true healing on all levels. I feel all put back together

again. Thank you.” Evelyn O.

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